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Ordering media in chronology, not by type and folder

  •  10-09-2011, 16:24

    Ordering media in chronology, not by type and folder

    I take video on two cameras throughout the year, plus one takes photos. Plus another still camera, plus media given to me by others. The challenge some months afterward is to try to sort all the media, of all types, from several folders into the chronology of the order each was taken into a single movie project timeline.

    The library tends to work against this goal by first separating video from photos. Further for technical reasons, each media source must bring files into separate folders, further separating media into more groups. Then when working on the timeline, and using right-click info on a clip, it tends to do some strange things to me in the media window for the files I am trying to merge in.  Although all of the media is timestamped, getting all clips and all photos merge into the timeline in strictly chronological order can be a daunting, memory taxing, and error-prone task.

    I shoot events that my motorcycle club sponsors during the year, and at year end I create a DVD for members. I'm working with maybe 100 hours of video clips, and thousands of photos for the year. I work on one event as a sub-movie, which works great for breaking up the task. I can not seem to find a workflow working in either the timeline, or the library that simplifies merging all media types in time for a given movie.

    If AS LIBRARY could take a few usage cues from SONY PMB, where it allows a mixed view of ALL media types, sorted in time, it would help. PMB even has a calendar navigator I find very useful. Before I had Avid Studio with Library I used Pinnacle Studio.  It allowed be to drag media in DIRECTLY from PMB. I used PMB to order the media in time, and could drag things into the timeline in the order they were taken. But with AS and Library I can't directly pull browsed media directly into the timeline from say file manager, or PMB. I have to import the media to the library, which doesn't provide enough sorting and viewing features to pull the material in, in the order they were taken. I loved working with Sony PMB, and found it to be a terrific media organizer, with some wonderful tools. It even has intelligent face searching... WOW!  Since I must go through AS library, and can't use PMB as I did with Pinnacle Studio, I really miss some of those wonderful features.

    Any help that Avid Studio could provide in this respect would be greatly appreciated.

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