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Re: I burn as a AVCHD and DVD - what does everyone else do?

  •  10-06-2011, 6:16

    Re: I burn as a AVCHD and DVD - what does everyone else do?


    I merely copy and paste to an external HDD directory using Windows Explorer.  I have all of my video creations (DVDs) suitably organised within a Directory called 'My DVD Backups' on an external drive.   I just copy the final Video-ts folder from my C: Drive and paste to the external drive.   Any new disc copies can be easily created from there by using Studio 'Burn from previously created disc file' option, or Nero, or IMGBurn, or whatever. 

    My hope, eventually is to use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive as the external HDD and then I can stream the films to my TV, but I need to do a bit more research on networking and homeplugs, etc before I can do this.



    I note your observation regarding S15 and DD5.1 - thanks.  The Pinnacle product description for S15 Ultimate indicates that DD5.1 'authoring' is possible, but I wonder how the audio stream is imported into S15.   Does avchd carry it as 5.1 as created by the camcorder?   If not , that impiles that any 'surround' created by S15 is merely added and mixed, as a music score for example.   If not, maybe it will be in a future release, or I might turn to Avid Studio.

    Regardless of any current limitation, when authoring to a BD disc, do I need to create multiple soundtracks (one for 2-channel, and one for 5.1) or will those who cannot play the BD disc through an av sytem merely pick up 2 channels.   Seems to me they would miss half the soundtrack as it wouldn't be downmixed.   My knowledge is clearly limited in this respect so I am curious.

    Thanks for the responses.

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