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Re: I burn as a AVCHD and DVD - what does everyone else do?

  •  10-06-2011, 4:27

    Re: I burn as a AVCHD and DVD - what does everyone else do?

    Interesting thread!   I am shortly to go the Blu-Ray route, when I purchase my new i7 quad core PC.   This summer I purchased a Panasonic TM900 and am stockpiling all of my 1080 50i footage for editing on my new PC.   My current spec will not cope without conversion to mpeg.


    - I will continue to author and burn to DVD for family members who only have DVD players.

    - I will author and burn to BD for distribution to those who can play them

    - I always keep backup copies of my DVDs on external HDD, so I presume I can also do this with with my blu-ray versions

    - I will further investigate how to 'stream' my creations to my large screen TV using a media player, though I am not particularly clear how to achieve this yet.

    Advice would be welcome please regarding the proposed workflow/strategy.   I presume I would need to complete a single project, with titles/menus etc, and then go through 2 separate burn to HD exercises from the same project, one for DVD quality and one for BD.   Do the menus work OK in blu-ray.  I heard somewhere there might be a slight bug with embedded menus.

    I will upgrade to SD15 as my camcorder records in 5.1 surround sound and I would like to take advantage of this.   Do I need to create 2 separate versions of my discs, one with surround and one with Dolby 2-channel?

    Anyone else followed a similar route, or have I somehow missed the point?

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