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Re: can hard drive latency be a factor in Pinnacle ?

  •  09-27-2011, 1:45

    Re: can hard drive latency be a factor in Pinnacle ?



    I was just pointing out that these concerns were more of an issue back when Liquid was still available than they are now.

    Yes, I appreciate that, however, there are still tape-based cameras around (I have one) and that concern still applies due to the streaming nature of the video capture from tape.  That is the also the main reason why IEEE1394 (Firewire) has to be used instead of USB.

    ADDED: And by the way, these days I edit those HDV tapes with Media Composer 5, a much more up-to-date NLE than Liquid, and I still capture with Firewire.

    If you are currently still using firewire to capture HD its basically because your cam/source is limited to that method of streaming - most all cams with a USB port on it have been able to stream (very successfully and reliably in my experience where I see/test/repair 10s of cameras a day) DV via a USB2 port on the PC for yonks now. The fact that Studio pleads incompetence wrt that method of capture/import is not necessarily an indication of any latency issue on the current comms technology at all - its simply an indication of the unwillingness of the designers to create and accommodate a true user-friendly and universal interface. If the supposed lowly Windows Movie Maker can make use of this USB streaming method found on some cams, then why can Studio not do the same?. FWIW - the modern cams with a USB port on them can be used as a webcam which is yet another indication that USB streaming is not the governing factor it used to be so long ago.

    WRT the title of this thread - its still a non-issue irrespective of USB2 or firewire capture.

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