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Video footage not displaying in window and no audio

  •  09-18-2011, 11:41

    Video footage not displaying in window and no audio


    I have both Studio Plus 12 and Studio Plus 14 Ultimate collection.

    I was moving folders around and when I opened my project in Studio 14 a message appeared saying NO IRQ driver selected and Heroglyph could not be accessed.

    I moved folders back to the original place, did a repair for both Studio 12 and 14. When repairing Studio 14 the same Heroglyph message appeared. I also installed the Herglyph2 patch which I downloaded from Pinnaclesys.com

    I restarted my PC and opened Studio 14. My project appeared but the footage doesn't display in the editing window and there is no audio. I can drag the scenes into the timeline and view it there but I ned audio and the bigger image. This is the same when I open Studio 12.

    Please advice.



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