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Betreft: Disc menu selection plays wrong scene

  •  08-29-2011, 9:56

    Betreft: Disc menu selection plays wrong scene


    New to AS - Updated to 1.1.

     I made my first project with disc chapters and the movie plays fine.  I used the generic menu/submenu that is shown in the video tutorial "making disc menus" chapter.  When I click on "scene selection" the menu directs me to the first 3-scene menu.  When I click on any scene on this or subsequent menu scenes, the program directs me to the NEXT scene, not the one that I click on.  Click on scene 2 and I get scene 3.  Click on scene 13 and I get scene 14 and so on.

    I rechecked my project to be sure that I had placed everything correctly.  Re-rendered, reburned, and same result.


    I have the same -frustrating- problems with 2 dance shows with 40 dances. Scene selection (choosing a dance) links to the next dance in stead of the linked dance in the (sub)menu.

    I deleted the main menu to solve the problem for now, but this is not the solution I am going to work with in the nearby future !

    Please, Avid, fix this bug ASAP !! 

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