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Re: SSD & Avid Studio

  •  08-12-2011, 23:04

    Re: SSD & Avid Studio


    I never meant to start some tech war here.

    All I know is what I've witnessed since installing the Samsung SSD, I can't sit hear and spout off all the technical details and play dueling Tech quotes, I just know the difference in performance since installing my SSD.

    To make a statement that HHD's contribute nothing to a systems bottleneck is ridiculous to say the least. And to say that all rendering within Avid Studio is done inside the system RAM and has nothing to do with the systems drive just makes me chuckle.

    One thing that I know has sped up Studio over the older versions has to do with the fact that the software utilizes Multiple core processors as well as 64bit O/S's which makes a big difference.

    But to say SSDs make no noticeable difference in the performance is crazy to say the least.

    Like I've said before, all I know is what I'm witnessing since the SSD install and I'm very impressed. Also like I said before, be careful and do your homework before buying a SSD because there are some manufacturers out there flooding the market with some real crap that leave people feeling ad and bitter for buying an SSD when it's not the technology's fault but crappy manufacturing. 

    One last thing and I'm bailing out of this bloviated thread.

    If you think you'll only get 1% increase in performance between a 5200rpm HHD and a SSD, keep thinking that, and I'll go on being happy that I don't have to spend so much time waiting for things to render anymore.


    For those reading this tread all I can say is it will make a big difference, just do your homework before buying and you'll never go back to HHD's.

    See Y'all!   

    Many thanks for your valuable contribution - I am sure that everybody will be running on SSDs as a result of your very enlightened, thoroughly thought-out and well-presented  set of statements.
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