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Re: STUDIO 14 Ultimate IMPORT has started crashing - every time

  •  08-04-2011, 15:14

    Re: STUDIO 14 Ultimate IMPORT has started crashing - every time

    Glad I found this thread, and the others in a similar vein.   I have just got home from having spent all day at my Dad's trying to get the importer to work on his newly installed S14.   I bought S14 for him because I thought that it looked easier for him to use.  He already had S12, but I thought that the 'Import', as opposed to the 'capture', phase made more sense and would provide him with a more streamlined approach to acquiring all of his video and photo assets into Studio.   He has a 510 USB capture device (I think!), a HDD camera, and a couple of DVD drives.   I thought it looked neat to see all his import sources in one place on the Import tab, until it crashed...  repeatedly.   I had left S12 on his PC and managed to capture from that OK.    In fact, after using S12 briefly, I went back to S14 to try again and it seemed about to work as it started to acquire a few .mts files from his camera ... but then unfortunately crashed again.

    Admittedly he could use S12 for import and capture, but I don't want him to get too confused as he is only just starting to learn all this stuff!!

     I will keep my eye on these threads and hope for some progress from Avid.   Next time I go round to my Dad's I will experiment further, and rejoin this thread from there.   Good Luck to everyone else with this annoying problem.

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