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Re: avchd to mpeg conversion

  •  07-20-2011, 1:49

    Re: avchd to mpeg conversion

    "HDV 1080i would be 1440x1080i (anamorphic, so it's still 16:9 aspect ratio)."

    Thanks - I tried it... again no discernible degradation (at least not on my monitor), and a significantly smaller file size, but the same 4 scenes (75 seconds) took 6 mins 15 secs to render on my machine.

    At least I have something to work with.   Now I will go back to the advice on another thread on here regarding burning DVDs in HD quality, for either blu-ray or DVD players.

    I'll run a couple of small projects like this until I get impatient, and willing to spend some cash, and maybe buy a new PC with a blu-ray burner.  

    Working my way up...  but it's good to learn along the way!

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