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Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

  •  05-09-2011, 0:50

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    That looks like it's the Voltage Regulator that's blown (I think that's what that 3 legged component with the heatsink is)

    Anyway, I would say your best bet is to de-solder it, and see if you can find the same or equivalent part to replace it (it should have a part number on it - just make sure the replacement is rated the same or better)

    You also need to investigate how that happened - it's something I haven't seen before. Make sure your Show Center is connected to a Surge Protector.

    It may also be worth changing the 2 10uF while you are on with it, as they have a tendancy to fail.


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