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AW: Export to Apple TV

  •  05-07-2011, 17:37

    AW: Export to Apple TV

    Hello, AppleTV as far as i understand needs 30fps in format MPEG4

    Here is a patch for then file xpmds.MPEG-4.xml in folder plugins\export:

    Before, save the original file to other folder

    when AS1 is not loaded,

    place following to the correct numer of preset:

    <Preset name="AppleTV 720p##translate##" id="29" hostMask="" timecodeMask="60" aspectMask="" editable="0" system="1" description="Use this preset to create high definition videos for playback on your computer or an HDTV##translate##">
    <Value id="0" value="1280"/>
    <Value id="1" value="720"/>
    <Value id="2" value="1"/>
    <Value id="5" value="5"/>
    <Value id="10" value="0"/>
    <Value id="20" value="1"/>
    <Value id="30" value="30"/>
    <Value id="41" value="2"/>
    <Value id="42" value="1"/>
    <Value id="43" value="1"/>
    <Value id="50" value="5"/>
    <Value id="51" value="192000"/>
    <Value id="61" value="2500000"/>


    this assumes like AppleTV 2,5 Mbits

    you must maybe also set this (search the line at the end):

     <Parameter name="VideoPeakBitrate" id="61" type="Long" min="64000" max="2500000" value="2500000" useKeyframe=""/>

    i tested the file with 28Mbit, very fine, but maybe AppleTV need max 2,5 MBIT , i have no AppleTV

    at 28Mbit the value id=61 must then be 28000000

    After starting AS,loading project and exporting, select MPEG4, Preset 720p (there are two, one with 25fps and one with 30  fps - at me german version, select the one with 30fps - the preset name here AppleTv doesn´t appear, instead the second 720p preset

    hope, this could help

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