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Re: Showcenter 200 remote

  •  05-01-2011, 1:50

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Just got a message from Harmony...

    "Thank you for contacting Logitech Customer Care about your Harmony Remote

    The "C/N" key is already in our database, and I have assigned it to the "E" key (bottom right to the 0 key) on your H300. Please sync your remote and test it out."

    I haven't sync yet, but will give it a go over the next day or so.

    I think the showcenter seems to have a mind of it's own though, as yesterday I couldn't get it working via wired connection on either Traversity, Simese(localhost8080), or Windows Media Player, when it was working flawlessly before.

    I whacked my 320gig passport drive on it and that worked perfect.

    As far as remotes go, replacement or second hand one's appear impossible to scrounge up. Have been trawling ebay UK,USA,Australia etc, and nothing about 2nd hand. I'd have thought with the item being a bit dated now in comparison to all the new media players about, that it would be easy as to get one, but alas not the case.


    All the best..

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