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Real Time clock Add-on

  •  04-28-2011, 3:04

    Real Time clock Add-on

    Hi all


    Some time ago I was pointed towards this excellent feature which allows a clock to be displayed during a football video just like on TV. The feature works fine, but has one annoying thing about it.


    There is the ability to set the configuration into Hours/mins/secs etc and I use the minutes/secs configuration which is the standard for football match displays. When the footage is edited on the timeline, the clock obviously reflects this and any discarded footage will not be accounted for, thus, if one edits out say 5 minutes from the match the clock would only read 85 minutes insted of 90 at the end. There is the facility to set the starting time which I can use to overcome the problem by simply adding the time of the footage removed onto the start point time. However, when the clock is set to minutes/secs there seems to be some recognition of the fact that there cannot be more than 60 minutes in an hour, and so consequently, if I am attempting to edit out footage after the 60 minute stage, I am uable to do it, as I am not permitted to enter a minute figure in excess of 60.

    Does anyone know if there is a way around this? Am I missing something somewhere? The only way that I can ovecome the problem at the moment is to run the entite match footage and use the overlay track for cutaways which overide the main track footage and keep the clock running correctly.

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