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Re: Pan and Zoom on still image

  •  04-14-2011, 11:14

    Re: Pan and Zoom on still image

    OK, Iearned some things about PAZ. First, in the Effects Editor you have a choice of "Corrections" "Pan and Zoom" and "Effects" Choose "Pan and Zoom" only for simple pre-set PAZ effects. To control PAZ on still photo (Ken Burns) choose "Effects" > "Camera" >Pan and Zoom"

    In the "Effects" panel >"Select preset" to "No Preset" (this isn't available in the Pan and Zoom offered in Effects Editor window). Now you can create keyframes, copy and paste keyframes and the settings will behave in a normal manner. If a preset is selected, it seems to have priority the values are always there. 

    BTW Zoom is limited to -100 to +100. Why? Dunno. 

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