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Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

  •  01-27-2011, 15:12

    Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

    Hola, Andy!  Nice to see you on here and Yes, it has been awhile!

     While reading this thread about Liquid and MC, it reminded me of when I first got Liquid after Premiere 5.x...boy!  What a learning curve that was!  It took a looong time to finally get Liquid to do what I wanted - even Immersion was an attempt to finally get a grip.  It seems much like that now with MC...just another program to learn and yes, Liquid does 100% of everything I need today...oh, wait!  It won't do Windows 7 without a bunch of work-arounds and I am mostly win7 now, so it's time to move along.

    Just don't forget that the learning curve is just that and we spent the time with Liquid, now to spent time with the learning curve of the NEW program of our choice!

    I loved Liquid then and I love it now, but it's end of life and MC isn't!




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