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  •  01-22-2011, 19:09


    Hi there!


    I have been using Pinnacle 14 for a while now and I have now started to shoot and Edit in Hi Def.

     My issue is this...  when I try and burn a video in blu-ray disk mode.... the video looks Great!  however, the 

    thumbnails in the menu are ok, EXCEPT for the text descriptions, and also the "next" arrows and text etc...

    The words and icons are VERY blurry !


     I guess even though the video is HI DEF, the menu is NOT ?!  I tried a few but I think they are all standard def menus....


    QUESTION - are there any hi def menus? can I buy these in a package ??   or is there something I am doing wrong......


    Please help if you are able 


    thanks very much!


    Andrew Turk

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