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Frankly, Getting into Trouble

  •  09-27-2007, 12:27

    Frankly, Getting into Trouble

    NLE doodling alleviates evening bordom, but others might think it a way to dodge chores or squander time.  "Honey, why can't you do something more productive, like cross-words, Sudoko, or fix that broken faucet?" Angry

    Aside: A well-made video takes time.  A really well-made video takes a geometric increase in effort and TLC, but may get only scant additional appreciation from viewers who has not tried editing themselves.  Sometimes the fruits of excruciating  labors yield only Confused.  Although true of  of any hobby or sport, this one does not get you outside the house or beyond earshot of the impatient.

     "The faucet? Huh?  Ah, I'll get to it. Embarrassed  Er, um, I'm looking up parts in an on-line catalogue.  Gee, it looks like that model has been discontinued.  But I'll keep looking.  Don't worry.  Wink

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