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Re: it's a sad goodbye to Liquid.....

  •  11-20-2010, 2:28

    Re: it's a sad goodbye to Liquid.....


    Whilst it didn't influence my eventual decision I do rather resent the way that Avid kept us dangling over Nextgen.  Sadly the people in this forum who talked it up and strongly implied its imminent arrival, must also accept some of the responsibility.

    Philip, from what i am seeing now, with the way Avid have decided to go with the smart tool as a first step in MC 5 this really is the Nextgen we have been waiting for, I am sure of that other great parts from Liquid also is going to be added into it as times goes by and that introducing the smart tool was a first step to be able to do this. 

    It is a learning curve however, this isn´t entirely easy, I am however rather impressed by the discussions taking place right now at the Liquid to Media Composer subforum about users discussing what books and tutorials that are the best to use, those who are into those discussions are learning rather fast right now, we are having great discussions, and they really seem to be looking forward to be as good in using Media Composer as they once was when using Liquid 

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