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Re: it's a sad goodbye to Liquid.....

  •  11-15-2010, 9:06

    Re: it's a sad goodbye to Liquid.....

    It is very expensive when a vendor/product drops out from under you.  My most painful experience was with a database product I made my living with.  Almost lost the farm.

    You never completely get the old information out of your brain I believe, and it is difficult to really dig down as deep as you did with your first product.  More reasons vendors should develop standardized, intuitive, explorable GUIs where you can learn by doing, not searching for Easter egg type commands, keystrokes, and operations.

    MC is sitting on the shelf at the moment.  So many things to learn with new technology all the time.  One hangup is the video card requirements; more money there.  I'll probably see how it does with my old card for now.  But where is the time to sit and play and learn the new beast?

     Pottery sounding better and better -- clay about the same as 5000 years ago.

     Life is 10000 years too short... somebody said that...


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