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Re: Some Declic transitions are locked

  •  10-25-2010, 2:43

    Re: Some Declic transitions are locked

    Thanks for the reply.

     I followed your advice on the Declic web-site again, but this time I also deleted the two additional files.   Upon re-booting and restarting S14 both of these files reappeared in their original format.   Apparently no harm done!   However, this did not seem to have any connection to my original question.

     My query was more related to understanding why I did not see the Declic transitions in Easy FX Editor, but I have since realised that If I open the FX Editor within Studio I can see them normally.   It is only when I start Easy FX Editor from START\ Programs that the Declic transitions are unavailable.    This is only a minor issue, and probably due to a lack of understanding on my part!

    One further point, and again it is a very minor issue, - after I had installed the HFX you have made available for download on the Declic web-site (a great resource by the way!), one of them 'Dolph'  #11, always crashed Studio and I had to reboot.   I have therefore deleted all of the files created by this particular install and everything is now fine.  All of the other FX are OK.


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