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Re: Blu-Ray Player

  •  10-19-2010, 12:42

    Re: Blu-Ray Player

    I have a Samsung BD-6500 player. With latest firmware to watch Avatar.

    I just did a wedding. Two disc set. First disc. is 1 hour 6 min. with menu. Second disc. is 1 hour 11 min. with menu. Chapter 1 is wedding video. Chapter 2 is 140 high res. JPEG slideshow all with P+Z and transitions. Both discs.

    Menus on timeline are blank titles with script as buttons. High quality JPEG photo on overlay track for the backgrounds, with pan+zoom key-framed for motion.

    I rendered one set in standard DVD and one set in AVCHD.

    I had to use the Custom setting for the AVCHD at 15 bitrate instead of 17 to fit on the disc. I couldn't tell the difference in quality on my 65 in. Samsung  HD TV. They look great.

     I use TaiyoYuden Watershield for the standard DVD. I use Verbatim printable DL for the AVCHD. They both play fine.

    Rendering for the AVCHD discs took about 15 hours each.  

    I use the same process as Randy above.

    I use two 1440x1080i tape cameras. Burn with a standard Sony burner.


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