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Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

  •  08-10-2010, 13:55

    Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

    Ok, so I generated a file, and low and behold, when I look at the file properties, it says that the Frame Rate is 29 frames / sec.  Not 29.97, or 30, but 29!

    Does this mean that I could have changed the original frames/sec on my 25 hours of work on the project the first time?  Does this mean that the program is so complex that even the people who man the forum do not know what it can do?  I even chatted with Pinnacle support staff, and they did not know how to answer my questions, much less tell me that I could change the frame rate this easily!

    I will now waste another DVD disk to see if it will play on my TV.  Be back later. 


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