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Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

  •  08-10-2010, 13:08

    Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

    That is what I did!  I set the Project Setup to NTSC Standard, selected New Project, checked that the Project Setup shows NTSC Standard, and then added pictures. 

    In addition, I just noticed that if I select different File Types in Make a File, most show the 25 frames/sec.  But, if I select MPEG-2 TS, the frame rate changes to 29.97.  Does this mean that it will generate a file for playing on a US DVD player attached to a TV?  If that is so, then it appears I can change the frames/sec.  And if that is the case, I just through out all of my previous work for nothing!

    I can't find anything in the Help file that explains what these File Types mean, and what should be used to generate a file for a TV DVD player.

    In addition to my question on how to get output at 29.97 Frames/sec for NTSC, what do the different File Types mean, and which is optimum for a TV DVD player? 

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