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Re: MC 5 here I come!

  •  08-05-2010, 7:04

    Re: MC 5 here I come!

    Between MC 4 and 5 are not big differences concerning how to actiavte. I'm not sure if going back to MC 4 would solve the problem - I suggest to isolate the problem first.

    As you said "wouldn't ever finish loading" what exactly does that mean? At which stage is it hanging?

    Did you get the window which is asking you if you want to start using the dongle or a demo or activate online/offline? Could you enter the systemID and serial number and did you get the confirmation that it has been activated successfully? Did then the window close and did the startup process go on a while? If it passed that window I doubt the problem is related to serial nr. or activation at all.

    Do you get any kind of error message? Is there a window waiting for your input in the background? Press ALT + TAB to cycle through open windows.

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