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Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

  •  08-03-2010, 14:14

    Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

    Yes, I bought the download version.  But, since you say that the Help and Manual are the same, I guess I did not miss much.

    Ok, yes, I have gone through the Help files.  I do not see anything that says, first off, make sure that you know the output frames before you start loading pictures and videos!  Since that seems to be the most important thing to do FIRST, why don't they say so?  If I wrote the manual, I would first tell the user important things to know about the program, including that the project format must be selected first, before any pictures or videos are added to the project.

    I am not saying that the program is not functional, just  that their documentation is very lacking.  I used to write software, and the first thing I would put in any manuals was an overview of the program, and any warnings that are important.  And the Project Preferences are!

    I guess I have to re-create my video, 25 hours down the drain! 

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