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Re: using dazzle to record with PAL 60hz TV - solution found!

  •  07-31-2010, 11:59

    Re: using dazzle to record with PAL 60hz TV - solution found!

    There is an easy solution to all those who want to record from a dazzle in 60 Hz. An easy solution and no hassle really ( this is for ps3, xbox and can work for just tv )

     You will need (for ps3 and xbox )

    The RCA cable provided with the console

    A double ended RCA cable

    A Scartplug as is shown Here

    A dazzle

    A computer

    AMcap ( you can download this on the internet for free, the demo version is good enough )


    What to do :

    Plug your double ended RCA cable into your dazzle and the TV ( one end in each )

    Plug your cosole cable into the scart plug and insert into the back of the TV

    The brightness might go down on your TV at this point. This is normal.

    Open AMcap.  Click on Devices and select the Dazzle. Go into Options / Video capture Filter and select Pal-B or the setting witch has colour for you (most people wil have Pal-B or Seacam)

     Click on Capture, and there you go. The footage may look like it lags on screen but I re assure you it doesn't on playback. Only downfall, no sound. But i'm working on that!


    You can edit your video in movie maker afterwards.




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