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Re: Video files moved - need to re-link to scenes in project - how?

  •  07-30-2010, 8:04

    Re: Video files moved - need to re-link to scenes in project - how?

    Thanks L_G_D,    gjslaw and Raff_Uy that seems to be the problem but the question is WHY?  Everytime I start a new movie I create a new folder each with a different name and in each folder I create 2 folders Capture and saved and In the Capture folder I capture Tape 1, 2, and 3  naming the tapes different from the others ie: Carl Tape 1 /   Lorr Tape 1 and so on  and in the saved Folder any short projects are completed are saved as AVI and then brought back on to new project to create final DVD with chapters. So why does it pick the wrong video and how can I stop this from happening with my multi captures ?       I have have  used S8, S9, S11 and now S14 and since I have used 

    S14 I have had various problems this being one and the other which I am waiting for a patch [I cant burn a dvd with menu in  S14  so I use S11] I know there is a workaround that Ronnie suggested but at the moment I dont want to mess too much with the workings of S14 as it throws up different problems.

    So any info on the Patch and to my other problem [ multi captures getting mixed up would much appreciated . Thanks John

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