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Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

  •  07-28-2010, 6:05

    Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

    Please take a look into the manual, section Setup-Options, Video and Audio Settings

    In the default setting Studio 14 will create the project in the same format of the first clip that you put on the timeline. You can't change the timeline's format later. You can set Studio to create every new project in a specific format. See the manual section as said above.

    You can verify easily which format our curent project has by moving the mouse over the project name, just above the upper track of the timeline. It will then display the format.

    You could export a PAL DVD and import it then in a new NTSC project. It will convert the source material to NTSC. If the original recording was already NTSC, then creating the project again with an NTSC sequence would be the better suggestion.

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