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Re: Recording 2 streams simultaneously

  •  07-28-2010, 1:04

    Re: Recording 2 streams simultaneously

    You can just start recording your cameras anytime you want. They will surely not record with the same timecode. What you need to do is to record a clapper or a flash with both cameras so you know this is a common point on both recorded tapes. Then capture both tapes. Find the clapper/flash in both clips and put them one above the other in two tracks of your sequence. That way the rest of your recording will be synchron.

    The feature is called multicam. It would enable you to edit one clip while the other stays in sync. Such a feature is available in Liquid and Media Composer but not in Studio.

    If you want a split screen recording (camera A shows the left half of the picture / camera B shows the other half) then you need a video mixer which mixes live both sources into one video signal. 

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