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Re: Fix for preroll error problem?

  •  07-27-2010, 8:02

    Re: Fix for preroll error problem?

    Maybe updating the Firewire driver helps; check if you have the Microsoft OHCI installed which is typically the right choice. In the capture settings you can change the "Wait after sending record" number. For Panasonic devices we experienced in some cases you need to change the number to 20000; just give it a try with steps of thousands. It might help to increase the preroll time to 150 or 200. Disconnect any other 1394 device.

    Avoid using the EZCapture tool as you can't batch capture later. If you know already you will need to recapture the tape again then you might capture live as Lew said but before you start editing, playout the captured file to another tape and use this tape then to capture from including TC.

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