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Problem between avid liquid chrome xe and Sony PMW-EX1

  •  07-14-2010, 21:45

    Problem between avid liquid chrome xe and Sony PMW-EX1


    Sony PMW-EX1 recording on memory card SxS, I use Avid liquid chrome xe 7.2 (upgraded SP1 4345) on HP Z400 workstation ( Chipset intel xeon 2,67, Video Display: Nvidia quadro fx 1800, RAM 4Gb, OS window 7 64 bit

    Pls shown for me

    when I view video file (SD Pal 720x576px 60hz) on window, it's ok. video clip: pan zoom so past it is very smooth, beauty but when I import in Avid liquid it have problem :the video have been give a shock the video view not smooth, eventhought I have change timeline properties  as: non interlace, top field first, botton field first. it is special for video pan, zoom or past action clip

    It make me eating is not delicious, sleeping isn"t well and I enclose with link video for U http://www.mediafire.com/?z0ljmiyzymyymmh

    Pls help me, Look forward to hearing from U soon, 


    HOLYCAT  YM:holycat1975 skype:holycat

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