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Re: Down convert HD to SD on timeline

  •  07-13-2010, 7:56

    Re: Down convert HD to SD on timeline


    Thanks for the responds I changed the timeline properties from HDV 1080x59-94i to NTSC 16:9

    It makes a better DVD if you leave the timeline as HDV and burn your DVD from the HDV timeline.  Liquid makes a standard def DVD from the HDV timeline and it looks gorgeous!  Try that, rather than converting your timeline to NTSC 16:9 and rescaling, etc. 

    Let us know if you like that better... Cool

    Doing the video in HDV really isn't a waste as the resources are the same but the result is nicer!  Plus the fact that it won't be long before HD is the defacto standard and your clients will be clamoring for it.

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