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Re: Something different about S14 produced DVDs?

  •  07-02-2010, 13:39

    Re: Something different about S14 produced DVDs?

    Hi, Yes I'm another one who has problems with S14 Ulimate collection when burning to DVD with chapters

    I tried a 2h 33min project and it failed on all dvd players but will play on computer ?

    Burned the same 2hr 33min on S11 Ultimate and had no problems ? just to prove it I did a small project 10mins with 2 chapters again burned in S11 OK but S14UC it failed. this is all  SD material not HD

    After reading this forum I'm very annoyed that this problem has been around along time and nothing was done about it.  I have come from S8, S9+ and S11U and have had my fair share of bugs along the way and if it wasn't for this forum I might have not come this far So thank you for all the budding editors that have solved these bugs.

    I would like Avid to start taking notice of their customers as I've read before where they have lost some punters because of their lack of customer services

    So please Avid pull your finger out and look after us   Sad

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