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Re: Studio 14 crashing all the time?

  •  07-01-2010, 12:36

    Re: Studio 14 crashing all the time?

    It would be nice if people would read post before commenting on them..

    I never said i was using two monitors that was the other two posters, running one or two monitors shouldn't make any difference to begin with if  its not working on one it sure won't work on two and as I posted 2 or 3 times all ready I didn't buy Studio 14 for its editing software I bought it for its analog conversion hardware  a trial download wouldn't have done me any good so when i posted I bought Studio 14 to convert some VHS and 8 mm to digital that should have given you a glue to how the VHS and 8mm was being imported. As for how far i was willing to go to fix it I tried everything Pinnacle said to do and beyond but as I said why should people have to change their configuration setting to run $100 software, If it were programs like  Final cut, Avid or Premiere editing software i could see making some system changes but none of those programs required any changes they ran perfect from the start.


    However for some reason studio14 seems to running perfect now i even tried forcing it to crash last night  but it handled everything I tried and never crashed. I have no idea what I did that effected the program because i wasn't trying to fix it I just made a few normal pc adjustments that seem to have effected Studio 14.

    Thinking back this is all i did, the only two i can think of that might have helped Studio is start-up (Load all services and drivers) and maybe font size, the reason I say font size is  a year ago i was having some issues with the way Dreamweaver was loading (not crashing) changing the font size back to default  size repaired it other then that i have no idea what I did that fixed studio.

    1. Downloaded two Vista updates

    2, Changed my font size, made the fonts a little smaller

    3 Updated Adobie Acrobat anf Flash player

    4 Changed the start-up from Custom start-up to Load all Services and Drivers, opposite of what pinnicle says to do

    5 After I notice Studio wasn't crashing i turned Enable hardware acceleration and background rendering back on it still ran great, again the opposite of what pinnacle says to do..

    I never did delete the catalytst driver but now that studio is working that idea would have been a waste of time.


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