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Re: Dazzle DVC100 Help

  •  05-28-2010, 21:11

    Re: Dazzle DVC100 Help


    Hi their guys,

    Just got my dazlle and I am having some problems. I bought it to capture my xbox but, it doesn't seem to Work!  If i plug it in, the preview box is just black and wont record anything! I have tried it with my phone and it work fine. 



    i have the exact same problem, i bought one yesterday to capture games of my xbox.


    i have installed the program and got all the splitters and AV cable as they didnt come with the dazzle. now i have followed a few video's of youtube how to hook it up, i have a problem where i just see a black screen on my laptop where it should be showing the xbox screen.


    can anyone help me as i been waiting for this dazzle for months and now i have it, its abit of a let down and thinking of getting my money back.



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