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Re: Is Liquid dead?

  •  05-16-2010, 6:39

    Re: Is Liquid dead?

    Nothing is forever!

    I know the feeling - liquid has just reached it's "pinnacle" (scuse the pun) and I was just reaching my pinnacle with it, and they killed it.

    In the broader scheme of things, I can why see why  Avid is going down this road. You can only develop and support so many products and AVID MC is the industry standard.  It makes sense that anyone half interested in professional productions would go with the industry leader.  Buying pinnacle; and creating AVID Liquid seems like an attempt convert the pinnacle market to the Avid family vs ADOBE or MAC products --this was a strategic survival move.

    On the bright side, the product continues to work and should work just fine for a long time.It will die a natural death along side SD/4:3 broadcasting - perhpas a bit sooner

    Be sure you have a rock solid recovery plan in place should you ever have hardware or software issues.

    At this point, a good forum discussion would be to review what users must do to keep their existing product working well into the future, without out AVID support. Things like back-ups, replacements drives, operating systems back-ups, and how to get past the registration problems should you ever have to do a re-install.

    You should look at AVID MC 5 ---it has a cheaper break-out box 




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