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Importing DV tapes using PAL DV Camcorders using Studio 14

  •  05-10-2010, 8:49

    Importing DV tapes using PAL DV Camcorders using Studio 14

    At time not every model of DV Camcorder can be used to import PAL DV tapes by Firewire (IEEE1394) using Studio 14. Usually the device can be controlled but there is no preview of picture and sound in the capture window available and the format is being recognized as NTSC instead of  PAL.

    There are two chances to get the import working with most devices again. Try the following:

    1. Install another OHCI driver for the IEEE1394 connection. As there exist many divers and operating systems it is not possible to give a detailed guide for all combinations. You can find a guide for Windows 7 here. Usually with Windows 7 a legacy driver must be installed.

    2. If that doesn't help, download the Archiv PcleCaptureDV.zip and decompress into a folder of your choice. There are three files in the archive:

    • PcleCaptureDV.dll
    • PcleCapture_NTSC.reg
    • PcleCapture_PAL.reg

    Perform as follows:


    1. Studio 14 may not be running.
    2. Rename the file PcleCaptureDV.dll which is located in the installation folder of Studio 14 to PcleCaptureDV_temp.dll. With Windows 7 this file is located in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinnacle\Studio 14\Import\programs\PCLE.Capture. If using another operating system you will find it in the folder C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 14\Import\programs\PCLE.Capture\
    3. Copy then the file PcleCaptureDV.dll which you decompressed before to the folder in which you just renamed the original file.
    4. You should now see in the folder both the new and the renamed original file.
    5. Double click then the file PcleCapture_PAL.reg and confirm the questions to change the registry with OK.
    6. Start Studio 14 and try to import a DV Pal tape using the Firewire port.
    7. Only  if you want to import NTSC tapes using the Firewire port and you do have an according playback device you need to double click the file PcleCapture_NTSC.


    Note: Exchanging the file PcleCaptureDV.dll hasn't been fully tested and thusfor the status is BETA. Further to that there is an error: The option "Scene Detection" is not available during importing. Nonetheless Scene detection can be applied to the clip once it has been imported.

    Should you not be able to import PAL DV tapes using the Firewire port please post here a short note with the information of the exact model of the camera and the operating system. It would help as well to know if you could solve the problem.


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