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Re: Media Composer 5 info

  •  04-12-2010, 1:04

    Re: Media Composer 5 info


    To be completely honest, I feel a little disheartened by Avid offering us an upgrade path, and then within 4 weeks, making us pay an additional sum to have another upgrade (which will allow us to natively do what liquid does) to MC 5.  My understanding is that if I made my purchase as of the 12th April, my upgrade to MC5 is free, but as I only just install and purchased MC4 in the last week I won't be eligible.  :-(  It just doesn't seem fair. 

    Why didn't Avid just wait until after NAB to give Liquid users the upgrade path to MC5, and save us from being 'disheartened'?

     Just my thoughts.

    Many people have said that they will or should wait for NAB to see what Avid would announce. You wasn't aware that Avid would probably announce something at NAB?

    And the release date is now official, it is June 10th. It is what Avid usually do. They give a 2 month window before the new product release.

    I have MC3.1. This is the release I was waiting for. Wow!


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