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Re: ShowCenter 200 n00b

  •  04-10-2010, 9:21

    Re: ShowCenter 200 n00b

    Switched on the SC200, but it didn't work.  Not much output from the PSU.  Changed out those pesky 1000uF/6.3v caps, switched on and measured 5.0v on load.  Neither of the caps had bulged or leaked, must have just dried out.

    There were 4 black and white horizontal bars on the picture, could only get a readable picture with SCART NTSC option, even then half the options on the screen were missing.   Everything else seemed to be working so upgraded the firmware to  21-81-071113-03-PIN-230-000 and it all came good; the video is perfect on SCART PAL.  (How did the previous owner manage to screw up the firmware?).

    Got Swisscenter working on Ubuntu 9.10 on an old PIII 933MHz 512MB box.  Can stream .mp3 and .avi from the server via a 802.11b AP.  Shoutcast radio also works. It won't display photos for some reason.

     Selecting menu options on the SC200 feels sluggish.  Do you think the server hardware is ridiculously underpowered?

    I'll have a go with MTP server; tnx for the tip.


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