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Re: s14 was ok, now won't load any video at all

  •  01-24-2010, 14:20

    Re: s14 was ok, now won't load any video at all

    It took 12 days but I found the problem and came up with a "sort of" fix. Studio leaves a bunch of files behind when you uninstall it. Both 12 and 14 do it. The files and folders are in a hidden system folder called ProgramData. Even with the folder being unlocked and unhidden you can't delete the files easily. S12 let me delete them only after I was able to change the "owner" of the files. That was an ordeal in itself because separate folders needed separate ownership changes. S14 does not let you get rid of them at all because it has the "ownership" in some unknown name and ownership can't be changed unless you already know the ownership name. Catch-22. I have finally reinstalled S12 and when I have some of my backlog of projects done I will try to install S14 again but I don't have much hope of it working.

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