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Re: How my client can PB the .@dif video and audio files

  •  01-12-2010, 10:18

    Re: How my client can PB the .@dif video and audio files

    Well I did to a test on my system which has internal drives on an SD timeline of about 1.5 hours and took about 10 min to make a standard AVI file.

    My client is coming by tonight with the 2 usb drives. I told him I'd convert them for him at no charge as he seemed pretty upset. I know I know... but I have to do some damage control, he has lots of relatives and more tapes.

    Will the USB drives make a difference in the avi conversion speed compared to my internal drives?

    Damn I wish I new about ez caps feature before. I thought that was the consumer way to digitize with little control over the settings.

    BTW I tried using Sorenson Squeeze to make the single CD quality type file but it crashed everytime I hit the squeeze button. I'm stuck with using liquid to convert.

    Does anyone have any experience doing this with MC as I'm likely going to get the academic version and would like some input.


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