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How my client can PB the .@dif video and audio files

  •  01-10-2010, 12:23

    How my client can PB the .@dif video and audio files

    Attachment: avfiles.JPG

    Hey all, I have a client that only had some much budget for now and only wanted to digitize his VHS footage onto a hard drive. Which is what we did. Attached is the file structure type on my system.

    He now gave one of the drives to his Uncle and claims that when he plays back the video file using windows media player or double clicking on the video file, the auidio is not attached which is from my knowledge how liquid and most professional apps work.

    The only way I know how to get both the AV to PB in win media is by exporting as an AVI in liquid.

    Is there a way my client can PB the video file at home now the way the files are currently setup using some consumer appication or do I need to export everything for them to watch videos with audio in liquid using export AVI?

    I attempted a small portion at one time as he also wants to have the final final output to be MPG4 as he will be using itunes to PB all his AV and music files. This export appeared to be taking a really long time for 30-60-120 minutes as some of the timeline footage is that long.

    Also I'm considering installing a separate 10k Raptor drive and installing Win 7 -64bit os on it and install Liquid and use that for exporting and rendering and making codecs. Will liquid export AVI's faster this way?

    What are some of my options to recify this mess.

    Thanks all


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