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Re: Can't burn BD-RE discs.

  •  01-08-2010, 2:35

    Re: Can't burn BD-RE discs.

    If your Vaio has a blu-ray burner built in then it will almost certainly have been loaded with a blu-ray burning utility.  This provides the ability for you to erase the discs via Windows Explorer.  As I said, Windows Vista does not have the ability natively.  I have indeed tried to erase the discs using an alternate utility (and even on another PC).  Even so, Studio resolutely will not write to them complaining that they are not blank.  This makes it impossible for me to create a trial disc without wasting a valuable BD-R disc.  No other application makes a similar complaint.

    As I understand it, the WMP supplied with Windows 7 plays H.264 video files, but it does not play every flavour of them.  It believe it doesn't play the AVCHD flavour (as produced by many cancorders (and there are now several sub flavours of the basic format - some even from the same manufacturer)).

    At least you confirmed the interminable delays in Studio when run under Vista.  Try XP - it positively flies!


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