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Re: Can't burn BD-RE discs.

  •  01-07-2010, 0:52

    Re: Can't burn BD-RE discs.

    Many BD burning utilities add extra functionality to the Windows menus, but Windows Vista is not capable of writing to or erasing Blu-ray discs out of the box.

    Studio 12.1 does not work well with Vista.  It takes an eternity to edit anything as it will not import any AVCHD clip in under 5 minutes (and a project contains hundreds of them).  It also takes an hour or so to extract the thumbnails.  Also it is not possible to build any project longer than about 25 minutes as Studio runs out of resources because Vista hogs far too much of them.  Those 25 minute projects to build overnight, as it's so slow.

    Under XP, there does not appear to be a project size limit (latest is 105 minutes) and the AVCHD clips import in a much more respectable time af around 20-30 seconds or so.  That 105 minute project builds in a couple of hours.

    I have tried many BD-RE discs including some that have never held video.  Studio will not write to any of them.

    Although I haven't tried Windows 7, Vista retro supports XP and similarly XP retro supports earlier operating systems.  I know of no one that has actually got a utility to work in compatibility mode that didn't work in native mode.  I don't suppose Windows 7 will be any better because I gather it's the same compatibility mode code as in Vista.




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