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Re: Studio 14 patch

  •  12-21-2009, 8:49

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    I have now come abit further with my BD problem and "Project with many chapters".

    Have found out that after all the rendering and when S14 "Generate final file" it will first save .m2ts files in the STREAMS directory of all the menu pages and name them 00100.m2ts, 00101.m2ts, 00102.m2ts  etc and then move on to generating the big .m2ts file containing all video called 0000.m2ts

    When I get problems S14 only creates the 00100.m2ts - skips the rest and move on to making the big 0000.m2ts file - then that is done S14 "Stops working"

    What I have done with success is:

    I took an old Menu definition from S11 - one I have customised abit.

    Removed the background image and also removed 2 of the 3 "Thumbnails" on the menu.

    Now it only has a 2 textboxes, one "Thumbnail" and the navigation arrows".

    When I use that menu it has now generated 5 BD projects for me ......

    During testing I have found that it is a good idea to check the STREAMS folder to see if S14 generates all the 001xx.m2ts files - if only 00100.m2ts is there and it goes on to 0000.m2ts - then you know it will fail ......

    One of the advantages in S14 was the many new advanced menues - my conclusion is - drop all that - keep that part SIMPLE.

    Still annoyed that S14 can have errors like this for many versions and no proper error-messages or usefull help at support....



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