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Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

  •  12-19-2009, 5:00

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I've got a 22mb mov file, shot in 720p. I've opened it in Quicktime Pro for export to use in Liquid 7.

    QT Pro gives me the options to export as an Avid MPEG2 (video is really poor) or DV25, DVCPro25 and 50, an Avid YUV, AVID2 YUVHD, MPEG4 or AVI along with about a dozen other options.

    I've tried YUV which takes a reaaaaaaly long time. The AVI file exports quickly  but when I import into Liquid7, the clip is green and the video never plays. I'm not given any options other than where to store the file.

     Has anyone had success importing any of these file types where the video 1. looks good, and 2. doesn't take 30-34 hours to render?

    I'm at a dead-end.





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