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Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

  •  12-05-2009, 19:15

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I've got the Zi8 too. Great little HD camera if you hold it still.

     I paid for QT Pro to convert the video where I can use it in Liquid but I have yet to be able to figure out which conversion is best. 

    I've tried MOV to AVI which should work, but no. 

    compression options include DV/DVCPRO-NTSC, 29.97 frame-rate, interlaced, and 4.3 (i'm not editing HD)

    I can also  compress using dvcpro/pal, dvpal or none.

     I've tried exporting as Avid/2VUY which doesn't import into Liquid while AVID MpEG2 does, but takes forever.

     Anyone here using Quicktime Pro to successfully export file that Liquid takes without rendering.







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