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Re: Importing HDCam files

  •  12-01-2009, 0:06

    Re: Importing HDCam files

    Hi Mark,

    Seeing the same thing here - truncated clip.... The XML data shows that the clip was captured on a '700 XDCAM HD at a frame rate of 50P. Any reason why you shot at 50P as opposed to either 50i or 25P? Personally, I think that may be the problem. Liquid can handle 25P on the timeline (and yes, the part of the clip that we can see plays fine in both the preview and line monitor), but I'm not sure about importing or Xreceive for 50P..... All I know is that we regularly import and Xreceive both 25P and 23.98P and Liquid handles them without a problem...

    ....so, not much help I'm afraid....Embarrassed


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