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Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

  •  11-30-2009, 17:15

    Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    Aloha guys its been a long time since I have posted.  

    Bestbuy last week had a sale ($149.00) on the Kodak Zi8 (1080P, 720P (60 frames), 720P, WVGA and 5 MP stills) so I picked one up to use for a family vacation.  I just imported 3.5 GB worth of clips from it and and laid on my video track.  Liquid say its has to render it and it will take 81 hours LOL!  Am I doing anything wrong?  The footage was shot in 720P. 

     Will Studio import the native H264 mov files and let me edit without having to render? 

     Thanks in advance.


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