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Re: Studio 14 Ultimate...why did I upgrade?

  •  11-28-2009, 7:53

    Re: Studio 14 Ultimate...why did I upgrade?


    First I tried MP4 files...didn't work.

    Then I tried .mts (AVCHD) files...didn't work.

    You'd think that Pinnacle could deal with these kinds of files. What good is buying an HD camera if the HD editing software is so finicky?


    Studio Ultimate CAN import and handle HD media content.  Here is a link to a comparison table for the different flavours of Studio:  http://www.pinnaclesys.com/images/redesign/comparison/Studio.html

    AVCHD is a variant of MPEG4 (in a different wrapper?), so maybe the exact source of your video has something to do with the problem.  There is still no actual standard defining AVCHD and some equipment manufacturers use their own version, so maybe your inability to import it is due to the type of MPEG4 that you have.

    We need more information about what you are doing, the video source, your computer specs (your profile is empty) and any other workflow information that can help others on this forum to diagnose what the problem might be.  Others seem to be able to import and work with AVCHD from their camcorders, however AVCHD is very resource hungry and does require a powerful and fast computer.

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